Honey...Nature's Pure Food,

Honey is an amazing and sweet product naturally made by the bees. Honey bees are an equally amazing part of God's creation as a social insect. They are unable to survive alone but together with the rest of the colony...can achieve amazing things and create that sweet natural goodness!

Whizz The Honey Bee

First Meet Whizz...

honey whizz (hune hwiz) noun

  1. one who is dazzlingly skilled in the field of honey, honey bees, and beekeeping

-definition according to honey-whizz.com-

Whizz and I would like to invite you to discover the many wonderful things that happen in the bee hive when a colony of honey bees are healthy, happy, and working hard. We have learned many things to share with you since we started hobby level beekeeping in 1998.

Then after some good old fashioned hard work in the apiary (otherwise known as bee yard) or in the honey house... join us in kicking back and enjoying the many useful, delicious, and healthy products of the bee hive.

Whizz Note

WHIZZ NOTE: Introducing the WHIZZ NOTE. These are the especially cool or fantastic things that Whizz wants you to pay close attention to. You will find these featured throughout this website. Thanks Whizz!

My Journey

Honey first attracted me when I was a kid. (What kid doesn’t like something sweet?)

I would put it on anything! Sometimes even just a spoonful by itself would just hit the spot. I remember I especially loved to soak up a toasted English muffin… mmm what a taste of honey. And the messier the better too!

As I grew older my fascination for the source of this sweet natural goodness grew too.

I mean, how could sooo much of something sooo good come from a bug… that is sooo little?

At that point I was hooked. I started reading every resource I could find about honey bees.

I began a journey that I continue today. Through reading and using honey I learned many things about it...

  • it's always best natural and pure
  • nectar sources influence flavor, color, and health value
  • some plants are better suited nectar flows than others
  • storing this natural sweetness can be a trick to keep it from sugaring

But... knowing about something sometimes simply is just not enough…

As I learned about honey I began to learn about beekeeping and I just had to do it. A local beekeeping supply company provided a handy source for advice and supplies when I needed them. A couple of retiring beekeepers I met also allowed me to pick up lot's of bee supplies at a discounted price.

This backyard beekeeping experience has allowed me to learn many things about bees...

  • they are social and live in a colony
  • their home is called a hive
  • each bee attends to every colony job class before it dies
  • they communicate and work hard together to achieve amazing tasks
  • they also produce beeswax, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly

I find it simply fascinating to watch the many different tasks a honey bee will complete before its life ends!

Here is a field worker foraging the tiny blossoms of the sunflower gathering both nectar and pollen...



As a beekeeper I simply assist Whizz to work efficiently (with no worries)...

  • covering the hive for warmth in the winter
  • moving the hive into shade during the hot summer
  • spotting good locations for nectar flow
  • attending to the health of the bees
  • adding more room as the colony grows

This way Whizz and her sisters can focus on doing what they do best; gathering nectar and preparing natural, pure, and delicious honey!

Whizz Note

WHIZZ NOTE: Yes, and we can sure use assistance... Did you know that honey bees must fly over 55,000 miles, visiting over 2 million flowers, gathering 2lbs of nectar to make 1lb of honey? So with a good beekeeper’s help...we can all stay strong and healthy making hundreds of pounds of honey per colony to share every year!

Whizz and her colony knows just how to make all bee products and bees have been making them with the same sweet natural goodness for thousands of years.

Your Journey

If your journey does not go down the beekeeper path, Whizz and I simply invite you to join us in enjoying some of the wonderful things we have discovered to do with all bee hive products.

We can...

  • do some baking
  • brew up some mead
  • mix up some other drink
  • make some beeswax candles
  • look through the recipe book
  • discover some health benefits of honey
  • even make some skin care products

Let's Get Started!.....

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